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Party Theme

This low level castle is able to fit into halls with low ceilings ,as its only 6.6 ft high or to put it into context same as a normal door frame.

This castle comes with various themes including

Party Celebration

Super Heros

It has added features which include a bish bash punch bag and a hoop to keep the children occupied.

Price: £75

Suitable for: Children Only

Asset Size:12ft15ft6.6ft
Required Space:16 ft20 ft
Required Access Width:3 ft
Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass

Age RangeSuitable

User Number 12' x 15' Upto 1m tall = 8users - 1m-1.2m = 7users - 1.2m-1.3m = 6users 1.5m+ No

This castle is available to hire in Hayes , Uxbridge ,West Drayton and surrounding areas ..

ring 07743720020 for more info