Frequently Asked Questions


1. How long in advance should I book?

We advise booking well in advance is always best as this ensures that you get the castle that you really want from our range. Bookings can be as late as the same day, so long as we have drivers available.

2. Do I have to pay a deposit?

No. We do not require a deposit. We will simply collect the payment (cash) on delivery of the castle. One very important note is that the payment must be available at the delivery of the castle as castles will not be left without full payment being made.

3. What payment methods are acceptable?

We only take cash payments. Cheques and other forms of payment will not be accepted.

4. What age range do children have to be to play on the castles?

As per the guide on our web site and your play instructions, all of our castles apart from the section marked as Teenage / Adult are for the maximum age of 13 years old. We realise that when a bouncy castle comes out everyone wants to get on and have a go, but please remember that these castles are designed for children and are built to their weight specification. Be warned if adults do play and castles are damaged you will be expected to cover the charges for repair. You as the hirer will have to sign to confirm that the castle has no damage prior to the driver leaving the castle in your care and at that point liability passes over to the hirer.

5. Do I have to pay if I have to cancel?

No. There will be no cancellation charges applied so long as we have a minimum of 24 hours notice. We ask for this period of time because we have to make the castle available to other users. If you do not cancel and we arrive at your premises, you will be expected to cover travel charges. Charges will be 30% of the total of your original booking.

6. What if it rains on the day?

Obviously you have the right to cancel after checking the weather on the previous day. I would however advise that castles are very rarely cancelled for this reason as the weather changes from one minute to the next. Our castles are PVC and all fans and electrics will be covered under a waterproof covering. All our castles also have built in shower covers. More often than not children will want to play on the castles whether it rains or not. We always advise to switch the power off at the mains during heavy rain fall and then when it’s finished switch the unit back on and simply use a mop or towel to remove excess water from the bed. The castle dry’s extremely quickly because there is a constant flow of air through the castle.

7. Will you deliver to my area?

Please call to find out aditional delivery charges may apply 

8. Are castles suitable for indoor and outdoor use?

Yes our castles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This obviously depends on the height of the building that the castle will be placed in. Our advisers will advise which castle is most suitable for your indoor venue. Sand Bags will be used indoors to secure the anchor points on the castle. Castles will only be installed in ground floor rooms where there is easy access. Upstairs rooms will be considered if the hirer is prepared to assist moving the equipment to upper levels. This should be discussed when booking your castle.

9. Can I keep the castle over night or till late in the evening?

Please call for details

10. What do I have to do on the day?

All you have to do is follow your safe rules of play that will be given to you by our driver on the day. Our trained staff will do everything else. They will set up the castle and advise you on its safety instructions.Have fun!

11. What are your delivery and collection times ?

Delivery times are 7am -12pm

Collection              4pm-7pm

We do however endeavour to leave the inflatable for as long as possible for your enjoyment.