Party Advice

  1. For hall hires, We recommend to hire the hall 1 hour before your party starts, and an hour after your party ends . This allows you plenty of time for setup and clean up afterwards.
  2. Costco have a fantastic range of sandwichs and cakes etc. all ready made ,making your life easy
  3. If you want a party to finish at a particular time .Make sure to have us arrive at that time. Your guests will perceive by our arrival and removing items that the party is over and start leaving .
  4. DONT STRESS ....If you need help or advice on the day ...ASK .....We have seen it all before and we are there to help .
  5. If you need more advice, give us a call on 07743720020 WE ARE HERE TO HELP ....
  6. If your getting a bouncy castle its a good idea to get a few Extras as the children might not want to bounce all the time. A really good and recommended item is the 5 Didi Cars . These are a really great extra and the kids love them .